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Hi, I'm Annie, living in Berlin and working as a freelance native English editor & writer.


As a Sonoma County native, I like to stay active by hiking the rolling hills and roaming the coastal cliffs. But as I live in Berlin now, I take pleasure in the food and wine culture with a background in making and bottling my family's wine. I also play with clay as a novice ceramicist.

My Experience

I found freelancing as a fulfilling creative outlet and as a practical way to earn money without needing to be tethered to one spot. This revelation happened when I was hired as a Culture & Lifestyle writer in Paris for FrenchMorning. I made a little money while living in Paris, obtaining my MA in Creative Writing from the University of Kent and traveling from time to time.

My BA in English Literature and Linguistics as well as TEFOL certification and teaching background were key elements in my career pursuits, equipping my stylistic articles with proper grammar and eloquence. My articles can be found on sites including FrenchMorning, Wine Road, LIWTS, Absolute Xtracts, OutThereSR and my own creation,

This career choice has opened up the possibilities to work with international businesses in translation, editing, proofreading and content creation. My work can be found on the sites of iuvo, Nirvana, FEMNA, Bi-silque and ARCHYI.  I do all my own stunts too. Meaning, I may not be a photographer but I take all of my own photos


When I'm not typing away behind my laptop, I can probably be found on a mountain, somewhere in nature or sipping wine in my garden.






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