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I write website and marketing copy according to brand voice, style guides and data-driven metrics. The user goes on a journey from the first page to the last and the copy guides them along while interacting with them using different tactics: emotional, wit, informational or solution-oriented.

Website setup on laptop

website copy

I'll tell your story.

Replace Lorem ipsum for creative and engaging copy.

Using your spec sheet, user data, and existing content about your product or service, I create your story by condensing and highlighting the most important aspects. I use UX principles to break down information for user digestibility and define an easily-approachable layout that guides the reader to find out more.

marketing materials

market more magnificently.

Pamphlets, user guides, informational articles—any marketing material you need. Using ux principles and a creative flair, I carefully craft marketing materials with your target audience in mind while utilizing your unique brand voice and identifiers.

Web designing
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