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attention to detail, check.

I'm a ruthless editor. My strength is condensing down. Can you say four words in two?

Heck yes.

Not only do I condense and line edit for grammar, style, cohesion and consistency, but I will help you develop your story. I studied Creative Writing and learned to develop stories and identify how to enrich them. I look for structural elements, hooks, tone, diction and missing elements that make the story stronger.

Grammer Editing

copy editing

I copy edit for grammar, style, word flow and consistency. Need someone to take a fine-toothed comb through your manuscript?

Writers aren't always able to suss out what's confusing or doesn't make sense to the reader. That's what I do. Catch what you don't.

developmental editing

When the piece just doesn't feel right. When you have writer's block and can't find the missing pieces to your writing.

That's where I come in.

I will edit for format, cohesiveness, story and character development, setting/scene elements, dialogue and more. I will also utilize my knowledge of writing techniques for your specific story to suggest ways to improve the storyline and reader interest. I give honest and fair feedback with a smile.

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