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my writing portfolio provides a range of examples: 

user guides                                  research articles

case studies                                 error messages

UX copy e.g.                                creative UX product copy

UX process                                   technical writing

written content                            design

creative stories

featured clients

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user guides

examples of a user-guide copy, long form e-book and short form blog post

User Guides

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creative writing examples and character development.


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research articles

examples of long form and research-based articles.


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UX writing examples

these are examples of my improvements to existing UI and error messages using UX practices.

fiverr. UX banner copy

ux copy case study

ux copy wireframe e.g. 

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UX e.g.

menu UX writing: before + after

Company: a document export company

Slide through on the left to see the BEFORE and AFTER menu.

  • First, I chose to give the three setting options a title. This gives more clarity to the user about what options they have and is easier to read quickly in a scan.

  • Next, the language of subtext was changed to sound more human and cater to all users. E.g. file type is more understandable than file extension. It is more communicable as well as more concise, dropping the character count by 15%.

Note: the second subtext is longer than the original. In this case, it was necessary to sound more communicable. The words folder and project are used instead of directory and mock-ups to reflect easier more relatable diction.

  • The notification underneath the subtext is clunky with parenthesis. These are taken away and given an italic look, to indicate an extra note. It also needed to stay consistent for all three directions.

  • The options for default size were changed to reflect a more common form of choosing size with tools like Word and on browser viewing, in percentages.

  • Lastly, the button text was changed to reflect a more actionable option, Save.

UX case studies & error message audits

Traffic Cone


examples from SAP + SBB

Bar Chart


wise debit card registration
+ fiverr. banner ad

Case Study & Error

UX process

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this is a visual example of my process:
1. what's the message?

2. what's the beef?

3. edit, edit, edit.

4. make it more useful.

5. tailor the personality.