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Yoga. It is still a hot topic. In California, everyone rolls their eyes because EVERYONE does yoga. And, adding essential oils to the regime enhances your intention for the practice. In Berlin, yoga is popular but pretty far behind. I mean, if I, a beginner yogi who still has trouble balancing (though really flexible), looks like a pro, then the pros just aren’t presenting themselves here.

I started in university and found such a relief from my pent-up stress. I kept it up and when I found out about my auto-immune disease, I went back to a religious routine. The power is profound. It isn’t because of a Buddhist guru, but even science has shown that meditation benefits us.

Science proves that meditation:

  1. Increases Immune Function and Antibodies

  2. Reduces Stress and Inflammation

  3. Decreases Depression and Anxiety

Now, adding essential oils is, well, essential. This offers stimulation for what you intend in the practice. Are you trying to clear your mind for a busy day? Get energized for a wild night? Relax so that you can shut off your mind and sleep? I turned to essential oils to help relieve my thyroid symptoms which significantly was due to stress. Sandalwood and frankincense were the first two I grabbed from the shelf. Here’s why.

Essential Oil Blends for Yoga and Meditation

Sandalwood and frankincense smell amazing: woody, earthy, a bit of limonelle. It’s a perfect blend for inhalation and a lion’s breath of ahhhhhhhh. Both scents relax me in a quiet-temple-with-a-hint-of-incense-burning kind of way. It doesn’t put me to sleep but it puts me in a calm trance. These two aromas pair well with a yoga intention of feeling calm and focused.

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs and oils. It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral – so, everything good for the respiratory system and lungs. It is also a great stimulant. The piney aroma awakens the senses but doesn’t shoot up cortisol like a cup of coffee. Plus, it is a mouth-watering cooking aroma. The flavonoids stimulate the saliva glands to prepare the appetite. That’s why it’s my favorite aperitif – no alcohol or cheese required (but it is always welcome). So, if you are trying to cut down on the snacks, just cook with rosemary and arouse your appetite through aroma. This herbaceous scent clears the yogi mind. Add a little of your favorite citrus scent (like bergamot) and your senses peak. Then, paired with peppermint, you will feel like you are doing a meditation float over the alpines with a kimono cape fluttering behind you. This blend cleans your insides so that you feel clean on the outside.

Check out my go-to rosemary oil or ghee recipe

For a relaxation yoga and meditation session, grab lavender (duh), an always and forever relaxing and pain-reducing herb. The power blend for a sweet sedation includes geranium, lotus and myrrh. Geranium has a pleasing floral scent when used sparingly. It is also a great oil to alleviate skin ailments like acne or rashes. Lotus flower is a common supplement that sedates and slightly alters the mind. It isn’t an illegal drug – it’s a legal herb. Remember the lotuses from the Odyssey? They have been used to relax for centuries. Myrrh is another favorite of mine. It’s earthy, like fresh soil but with a hint of baking spices like clove and cinnamon. It’s like nestling into a warm cinnamon roll – mmmmmm.

FEMNA is a company that focuses its attention on natural female health to balance hormones, get rid of PMS, enhance fertility and alleviate menopause. They produce teas and essential oils for feminine well-being (though men could also benefit). I work for FEMNA here in Berlin, and we have a yoga session once a week together. Adding the essential oil blends always stimulates the effect on our psyche. I usually use the blend in the picture, Clear Mind, with rosewood, mandarin and geranium.

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