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UX auditing

another pair of eyes.

You'll get a set of eagle ones. I take a look at your website, app, journey map, prototype, etc. and audit using UX principles and best copywriting practices.

You could just collect user data, but deploying an auditor before launch will present a more professional product upon first impression, and you'll get a user's detailed audit on every last detail with trained UX knowledge know-how.

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basic UX audit

back to basics 101.

A basic audit is 1-5 pages focusing on user flow, ux copy, consistency and design. Easy does it with a basic audit.

Turnaround time is 1-2 days.

extensive UX audit

deep dive has arrived.

An extensive audit is a deep dive into your app, website or product, etc. It starts with onboarding, extends to app use, explores every option, tests every link, practices use from different personas and intentions, feels out the purchasing journey, and ends with cancelation. I am looking for errors and determined to find them, and find them all.

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