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wise case study

Wise debit card registration


1. Project Overview

Target Client: Wise

Project: Debit Card Registration

Role: Digital UX Writer

About Current Debit Card Registration:

The design and ease of registration was generally positive, welcoming and easy. The process took 4 steps (after already having an account with Wise): shipping address, set a pin, payment and identity check.


The Problem:

User experience was enjoyable when the user made no errors. If a user made a mistake on any of the 4 steps, they were not able to go back during the process or correct the error. This is important because, as a customer might just be curious as to what the process is like, they may go through the steps of registration quickly without being diligent with the information. This might happen because most registrations allow a person to cancel or return to a previous step to review or edit information and is generally considered a normal practice.

Card Registration:

  • If a user doesn’t enter their shipping address completely correct, they will not be able to go back to correct the address after continuing to another step.

  • At the end of registration, the user is not asked to verify if all their information is correct, nor if they’d like to edit it.

  • The user is not able to cancel their registration during the process in order to start a new registration. This means, they must complete registration, which in this case can mean ordering a card to the false address, before canceling.


Customer Service:

Wise gives three options for customer support: email, chat or call. All three were problematic at the time of this case study. Email was unresponsive, chat was buggy and the call wait time was over 1 hour without help directly fixing the problem.

  • Email was unresponsive

  • Chatbot was not working

  • Call center was overloaded with calls. When reached, she could only help with limited things. She could not redirect the card to a new address, she could only cancel it and refund me so I could order a new one.

  • Delivery is only immediate for certain countries. If you live in Europe or America, you might have to wait 3 weeks or more for the card without the possibility of paying for Expedited shipping. This seems flawed and like a service that could be easily available if the user is willing to pay for it. You can qualify for Expedited shipping if you ship the card to the UK, Australia or Singapore, though the U.S. is their biggest market.



  • Revise and suggest improved UX copy and features to increase user success and decrease incomplete card registration. Complete and Successful card registration means the user receives and uses the card without much friction. The user should be able to correct or edit most mistakes on their own, reorder a card, and if they need help, reach customer service with more ease.

  • Fix Chatbot bugs. Assure brand voice is consistent. Also assure that the Chatbot addresses every customer concern that it is possible to remedy without a live agent.

  • Address pain points, fix bugs, assure brand voice is consistent, increase user success, increase repeat and referral customers



2. UX Process

The user research consisted of finding complaints posted online since the company is well-known. Also, a questionnaire was conducted to a sample of potential customers who didn’t know Wise or haven’t used their services yet.

Customer Reviews:

The customer reviews revealed that the address change was one of the most pronounced and reoccurring challenges users faced. If a user is just checking out the registration process and then wants to come back and register properly, they are stuck with finishing their trial registration, calling customer service to cancel it and then reordering. When a user is not able to fix their error during registration, they must rely on competent customer service, which wasn't always the case.


I tried out the registration with the wrong address and found that the complaints were correct. After entering the wrong address and continuing the process, it was not possible to edit the address, even before finishing registration.


The three solutions offered by Wise were problematic: The email went unanswered, the Chatbot was buggy and kept sending the initial greeting over and over again, and the call service took 30 minutes of waiting (which if you are calling from a foreign country, can be expensive). Fortunately, the call representative was friendly and helpful. She did what she could which was helpful but not an overwhelmingly easy solution for user experience.


A 10-question questionnaire went out to a small sample group which confirmed that this user issue would turn away about 30% of customers, frustrate about 60% of them even though they would try to fix the problem themselves, and the rest were unsure or not bothered because if they need a tool or service that doesn’t have any alternative competitors, like Wise, they would feel compelled to complete the task even with friction. 



3. Creative Process

Following the personality and brand voice of Wise, I implemented the new features using appropriate diction and word count. The personality of Wise is young and light-hearted with an emphasis on ease with banking. They target the young globe-trotter or foreigner living and/or working in another country with another currency. They make banking easy and fun. They are not corporate, stiff or serious like normal banking seems to be. They are a trusted friend that is not ripping you off. The copy reads as if a friend is helping and instructing the user how to get what they want: the easiest and cheapest currency conversion. Tone: friendly, witty, smart and trustworthy.



  1. Expat American woman living temporarily in Singapore, 22, as an English teacher. She has a bank account in the US and in Singapore. She receives money in both accounts and has to move money around. She hopes to travel to Europe, Thailand and the Philippines before returning to the US. In order to exchange her currencies back and forth, she looks for a service where she can have multiple currency accounts and easily exchange currencies back and forth for a reasonable price.

  2. German male, 35, moves to Switzerland for work. Often visits surrounding European countries as well as his home country and pays in Euro there but lives where he uses the Swiss Franc and often exchanges currencies. Banks have a high conversion rate or fee and are inconvenient or take a long time.



Some trouble arose in collecting customer feedback on the questionnaire. Some didn’t fill it out completely accurately. Some gave the same answer to every question and others seemed to choose random answers because two answers to a similar question were contradicting like:

  • Question: Would the length in steps to acquire a card deter you at all?          

  • Answer: No​

  • Question: If it is absolutely necessary that you acquire a card from this bank, how many steps are you willing to complete?

  • Answer: 1-2

Final Decisions:

It would be important to incorporate a larger customer feedback sample size in order to account for some of the disingenuous remarks and reviews. It would be even more accurate to have the ability to filter the reviews or to screen the customers in order to guarantee accountability. From the data gathered, the biggest pain points of the registration process were the inability to edit information and the friction that came from accessing customer service. Unless the customer was in dire need of the card, this would deter 30% of registrants who didn’t fill out the form 100% accurately from completing or correcting the registration, and therefore from using their card if they received one.

4. Proposals/Recommendations

  • Create a ‘back’ button in order to return to a previous page and edit information.

  • Provide a ‘review info’ pop-up after finishing registration. This would lead to a review info page where the customer could review, edit and approve information before submitting (text example below).

  • Improve Chatbot & fix bugs. Personality: genial, friendly, down-to-earth.

    • If error was made during registration, Chatbot should direct customer to cancel card and then reregister again. If card has not been sent out yet, the customer should be reimbursed all being possible through using the Chatbot.


case study wireframes


Review Info

Is this correct? Please make sure all your info is correct, then select continue.

Edit Info
Popup Notification Wise.jpg


Chatbot Sample Text

wise chatbot.jpeg
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